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Though we did not receive any official confirmation that Warcraft 4 is going to be released, but Blizzard did not say anything that Warcraft 4 wont see the world. But if we get our hands on this kind of information - you gona find it first at warcraft4.ucoz.com! I understand that all of you want to know release date of Warcraft 4, but seems we have to wait Blizzcon 2013 to get some real info! Meanwhile, you can play Warcraft 3 and watch FAN-MADE video compilated from wow and wc3. And this is not the Warcraft 4 official trailer so dont pm me about it! Also i wanted to warn you guys that trying to download warcraft 4 from web-sites who claim to have it, might just infect your system, they all are fakes!

Everyone who seriosly searched for warcraft 5 should understand one thing - IT CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT FOURTH PART :D But ok you can dream about it...

Blizzard made an official announcement that Blizzcon 2012 aint gona happen, its place will take Battle.net World Championship Event. Their main excuse is that all the developers are working hard to let us get Diablo 3, Mists of Pandaria and Heart of the Swarm as soon as possible. Ofcourse this is a bad announcement for all fans of WarCraft 4 becouse our hopes to get the realse date this year is now failed. Thus BlizzCon 2013 going to give us the realease date of Warcraft 4 - the best RTS series since 1994!

Also there is a small chance that at Battle.net World Championship Event also might be made some interesting announcements, so we look forward to it. Stay tuned for latest Warcraft 4 news at warcraft4.ucoz.com

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Warcraft 3 wont be @ Battle.net World Championship Event 2012

Once again we are getting bad news on RTS Warcraft 3. Our favorite strategy is not going to be one of cybersport disciplines @ Battle.net World Championship Event 2012. Many fans of WoW and WC3 on battle.net forums were agreeing at the same point - WoW arena is the worst choice for being cybersport discipline. Disbalance of some classes gives no chance even for a more skilled player to win with a weaker class. Thus one of forum moders confirmed that Blizzard is not going to support wc3 as a cybersport discipline @ Battle.net World Championship Event 2012 - "they want fans of sc: bw and wc3 to join players in Starcraft 2" - he said. Also he added: "I want to see warcraft 4 as soon as possible" - and thats what we want. We are going to follow and deliver latest news at our site. Stay tuned.